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There’s A New Deafheaven Track, And It Rocks


Deafheaven - New Bermuda

I, like many thick-necked chuds who enjoy Mortician, wasn’t a big fan of Deafheaven’s Sunbather. I didn’t talk a lot of shit about hipsters and all that nonsense, but I just found the whole album kind of… pretty. Even before seeing the pink cover, it was all a bit precious for me. But I heard enough people I respect talk about how great they were live that I kept the band on my peripheral radar. Maybe they’d do something I dug in the future.

Well, damn, son, this new track, “Brought to the Water,” is pretty killer. As you’ll hear, it has a real menace to it up front that gives it a healthy dose of shadow and angst. Sure, things get a little “Only In Dreams”-y towards the end, but not in a total departure from form. It reminds me of the better parts of Mono: crushing while at the same time very hopeful and bright. Maybe I’m just in a non-traditional black metal mood, but I’m really digging this, and if you can win over a stubborn dickstump like me, then you’re doing something special. Bully to these dudes.

Listen to “Brought to the Water” below. The band’s new album, New Bermuda, comes out October 2nd, and will be followed soon after by a tour with Tribulation and Envy.

[via The PRP]

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