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Now You Can Buy Private Jets From Bruce Dickinson At Harrods



If you’ve never been to London — and if you get the chance, you should go, it’s a great place to get drunkenly lost in — here’s the deal: Harrods is the greatest department store of all time. Imagine a mall the size of a city block designed by English royalty for Russian royalty, and you’ll have a vague idea of what Harrods is. Not really the place for heavy metal, right?

Wrong! Aeris Aviation, the company chaired by Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson, will officially have a pop-up shop in Harrods that will sell private jets. So if you’ve ever wanted a swank private jet and have a couple million pounds lying around, now’s your chance!

Honestly, this is a little, I dunno… irksome? I love Dickinson — he’s a cancer survivor who charms the RAF by running out of gas when he’s not helping special-needs kids — but Harrods is the kind of place that probably wouldn’t have even allowed metalheads inside while Iron Maiden were in their heyday. Selling private jets to the ultra-wealthy feels considerably un-metal.

Then again, these are Eclipses, special eco-friendly jets that Dickinson is a major fan of, and you obviously can’t blame a guy for making his nut. We wish Dickinson all the best in his business endeavors. We can only hope he calls upon us for High Tea. Oh, with clotted cream? Delightful!


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