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Video: Man Asks Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Which Metallica Album is His Favorite


Cinco Sanders Rick Perry MetallicaWhich Metallica record can 2016 Republican Presidential candidate and former Texas Governor Rick Perry absolutely not live without? Surely this is a question that’s been burning not only in our collective hive-think brain here at the MetalSucks Mansion, but in the minds of Metallica fans and Rick Perry supporters from sea to shining sea.

Thankfully comedian/musician/metalhead Cinco Sanders did the lord’s work by asking Perry this very question at a recent campaign trail town hall meeting in Anderson, SC. We’re not sure which part is funnier, the fact that Mr. Sanders had the cajones to ask the question at all — and that Perry obviously has no fucking clue about Metallica — or that Sanders trolls Perry by suggesting he should start with Load and Reload first, a joke surely lost on everyone in the room but himself. Watch:

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