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Dave Mustaine Says He Wouldn’t Re-Join Metallica, is Clearly Full of Shit


mustaine is full of shitSo a fan on Twitter recently asked Dave Mustaine if he’d ever re-join Metallica. Mustaine’s response?

Which is clearly — what’s the phrase I’m searching for? — ah, yes: TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT. Mustaine has made no secret of the fact that getting fired from Metallica is a trauma which he shall never overcome, and even famously cried about it on-camera in Some Kind of Monster: In Mustaine’s defense, he will never be asked to re-join Metallica, he knows he will never be asked to re-join Metallica, and it would probably look pretty bad if he was like “Oh yeah well I’ve put thirty years of work into this Megadeth thing but I’d ditch it in a heart beat for some of that Metallicash.” Still, it’s hard to read his answer and not chortle. It would be REALLY funny if, just to fuck with him, James Hetfield now sent him an e-mail saying “Hey, we’re having problems with Kirk, I was gonna ask you about re-joining but, uh, never mind,” but Hetfield isn’t that witty. Speaking of really funny, I leave you with this almost-as-amusing other tweet from Mustaine:

Oh, Dave.

[via Classic Rock]

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