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Sexy Theory: The Color of the New Baroness Album Will Be…


In case you’re stupid: all of Baroness’ full-length albums to date have been named after a color, and that color, duh, dominates the cover art, too:

So, of course, the question on every Baroness fan’s mind is, “What will the color of the NEXT Baroness record be?” And Metal Insider reports that the band has now teased the answer.

Any guesses? Here’s a hint:

poipleGet it? No? Okay, well, you’re pretty dumb. Here’s the actual tweet from Baroness suggesting the new album’s color:

Yessir: if we assume that the announcement coming August 28 does, in fact, concern a new album, than this tweet suggests that that album will be called Purple, or The Purple Album, or The Purple Record, or The Purple Release, or The Purple Offering, or, if the band is trying to corner the youth market, The Purple Collection of Digital Files. Presumably, we’ll know the answer this Friday, August 28.

P.S. Who the fuck makes a big announcement at the start of Labor Day weekend???

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