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Here’s a New Vreid Track to Veil Your Monday in Eerie Mist



I feel like Vreid never gets the credit they deserve. They’re a rare example of a black metal band who doesn’t sound anything like other black metal bands. Sure, they have plenty of ingredients that other black metal bands use–there’s the shrieking vocal, the tremolo picked riff, and so on–but Vreid have always structured and produced their songs in such a way that I can pick them out of a sampler immediately. 2013’s Welcome Farewell was such a mindfuck, and served to both enamor and confuse many metal journalists. I respect that.

The band has released a new track titled “Haust,” and it has all of Vreid’s unique trademarks. While thrashy black metal at its core, it also showcases moments of weird warlike bombast, twanging Celtic esotericism, and classical angst. The result is compelling and infectious, and makes the listener wonder why so many black metal bands out there are playing the same Mayhem and Burzum worship over and over when they could be doing something like this. It’s easy to declare a genre dead; Vreid prove that there’s still room to be original within their own.

Check out “Haust” below. The band’s latest, Sólverv, comes out October 1st via Indie Recordings.

[via Metal Hammer]

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