Watch: A Hand-Farted Parody of Slayer’s “Raining Blood”… “Shitting Mud”


State of the Fart / Shitting MudA wise man once said “Poop and fart jokes will never stop being funny no matter how old we get!” That wise man may or may not reside on the editorial board of the MetalSucks staff.

The success of world-famous hand-farter Guy First’s videos is proof that sounds and objects that come out of butts will never not be funny. There was the time First cut the cheese with Devin Townsend, his flatulent performance of “Flying Whales” for Gojira and, most recently, a couple of very stinky versions of Dark Tranquillity songs with the band’s frontman, Mikael Stanne, watching.

But First’s latest might just be his most impressive yet. Not only did he learn how to hand-fart Slayer’s “Raining Blood,” but he produced a full-band backing track to support him and re-jiggered the song’s lyrics to be 10,000 times more flatulent. To wit, we present you with “Shitting Mud,” which is precisely as gross (and awesome) as you’d think.

The track was recorded by Ran Yerushalmi and mixed by Yoni Menner of the band Walkways. For more State of the Fart, visit Facebook and Big Cartel.

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