The Harp Twins Get Violent On Their Cover of Metallica’s “One”



If you read this blog regularly, you know of the Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly (otherwise, go here and find out about them). The striking and slightly eerie women have built up quite a body of heavy metal covers, including harp renditions of songs by Megadeth, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, and now Metallica.

What’s especially cool about the Harp Twins’ cover of “One” is that both of the ladies peform it on the same harp–and they get percussive with it. As you’ll see in the video, the Twins kick, slap, and knock on their massive harp to lend this cover a bit of kinetic energy. And while they never go full Zakk Wylde and smash the harp with a sledgehammer, it’s still cool to watch them find ways in which to add a hint of noise to an otherwise baroque art form (not to mention that it reminds the listener that “One” is about a dude missing all his limbs).

So here’s our challenge to Camille and Kennerly: get more metal every time. Can either of you swing a harp around your necks via a strap? Can you toss a harp up in the air and catch it on the way down? Can you play a harp while seated on the front of a burning speedboat filled with timber wolves? Let’s do it! Show us what you got, ladies!

Watch “One” below. Let’s hope the next video involves hardcore pyro.

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