Babymetal Wanna Teach Metallica Their Dance Moves


babymetallicaSo Metal Injection says that Blabbermouth says that NME says that Babymetal says that they “would like to teach Metallica our dance moves, just because we’ve learned so much from them about metal” and about “how to interact with the fans.”

To reiterate — Babymetal want to teach Metallica to do this:

There is no sum of money I would not pay to see this happen. You want my first born? Take it. Chop off one of my pinkies? One pinky, comin’ right up. Sit through an entire Thy Art is Murder performance without complaining once? It will be an uphill battle, to be sure, but I’ll make it happen. That’s how much I would love to see Metallica do Babymetal’s dance moves.

On a related note: I was on YouTube looking for some good Babymetal choreography videos for this story. I couldn’t find any. But I did find these:

You’re welcome.

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