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Lady Gaga Loves Iron Maiden, Does Not Have Wi-Fi

  • Axl Rosenberg

lady gaga - the book of soulsYesterday, known Maiden fan Lady Gaga sent out this tweet:

And hey, look, I think it’s great that a mainstream pop artist went out of her way to endorse one of the best metal bands of all time; if Lady Gaga creates even just one new Maiden fan, I can forgive her for having to hear “Poker Face” a billion times while at line at the drug store.

That being said, her tweet did lead me to wonder…

  1. If downloading Book of Souls was really so important to Lady Gaga, why did she download it on it September 7 when it came out on September 4?
  2. Why did Lady Gaga have to wait to hear Book of Souls until September 4 anyway? Isn’t she, y’know, fairly successful in the music business? Are you seriously telling me that I was able to get an advanced promo of Book of Souls and Lady Gaga wasn’t?
  3. If Lady Gaga downloaded the album at 5 am, why did she not send this tweet out ’til two-and-a-half hours later?
  4. Does Lady Gaga not have Spotify? Book of Souls was available on the streaming service (and others to which I do not subscribe, I’d wager) as soon as it was released.
  5. Does Lady Gaga not have wi-fi? Why did this action have to be completed at 5 am?
  6. Lady Gaga wasn’t on tour this weekend, so assuming she does have wi-fi, why would she not have access to that wi-fi later in the day?

ANYWAY. Just, y’know, ponderin’ out loud. Still glad to have The Gags on our side.

Books of Souls is out now. Read our review here and buy it (at a discount!) here.

[via Metal Injection]

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