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Do We Really Need A Tom Araya Solo Album?


Tom Araya O Face

Tom Araya seems like the founding member of Slayer I’d have the most fun hanging out with. He comes off as a chill and funny dad who’d be down to smoke some weed, talk about musical influence, and crack harmless jokes about other metal musicians. I like Tom Araya.

But man, I really don’t know if we need a Tom Araya solo album, which, according to Metal Hammer, is in discussion. No shade on Tom, but he rarely writes his own lyrics, and he’s public about not being the biggest modern metal fan. Do I desperately want to hear Tom’s solo material? Not sure.

The following quotes doesn’t help a ton:

“I’m not much of a music writer, but I have things I’ve thought about.

“It wouldn’t be what people expect. They know me as Slayer – if I were to do a solo album, I’d like to think they’d be open-minded and not expect something they think it should be. A solo album is exactly that.”

Ho boy. When I said Slayer should be professional songwriters, I meant for other bands — crafting metal tracks that bands would be able to put their specific voice into. I didn’t mean we should hear the weird Latin music-influenced sounds of Slayer’s bassist. Again, I’m not trying to be a dick to Tom, I’m just being honest. Slayer hold a special place in my heart, but Tom making a dad rock album, well… it just wouldn’t be something I’d pay money for. I’ll leave it at that.

Obviously, I hope Tom finds a post-Slayer career that’s not at Burger King. I’m just not convinced this is the way to go.

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