Biggest Putz in Metal Reader Bracket

Rounds 46 & 47: Gene Simmons vs. Chris Fronzak, Vince Neil vs. Frank Palmeri


Putz Banner 09_08After a rough few years, Scott Stapp has finally caught a break: he lost last week’s match to Courtney Love by a mere thirty votes, sparing him the pain and humiliation of having to advance to the next round. Alas, Matty K. was not so lucky: he received almost three times as many votes as Carla Harvey. The silver lining is, this is the first time he has received more anything than Carla Harvey.

Below are the next two match-ups! The polls for these rounds close at 2:30 pm EST, Wednesday, September 9.


Time will tell if Attila have anywhere near the cultural impact of KISS (spoiler alert: they won’t), but it seems clear that the openly-wealthy Fronzak aspires to be like the openly-greedy Simmons. Which putz is putzier? Vote now!


Like Simmons and Fronzak, these two could be mirror images. Okay, so Palmeri hasn’t killed anyone (that we know of) and Neil doesn’t believe that God is a video game from the planet Zathuu-7 (as far as we’re aware), but still: they’re both really dumb and neither can sing. Who is the bigger putz? You decide!

THE BRACKET SO FAR (click to enlarge):biggest putz bracket 09_08_2015

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