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  • Axl Rosenberg

Ten or fifteen years ago, the idea of a television show that has been cancelled getting a second chance in its original format (that is, not as a movie adaptation or a new, independent version of the old program) was unfathomable. That all began to change in 2005, when Fox revived Family Guy from the dead due to the popularity of its DVD sales; since then, we’ve gotten or are on the verge of getting new episodes of Arrested DevelopmentTwin PeaksThe X-Files, and Beavis and Butt-head. And that’s not even getting into straight-up sequels to movies that didn’t do well or long-dormant television shows like Wet Hot American SummerFull House, and Boy (now GirlMeets World. And THAT’s not even getting into the shows which, once banished from network television, have managed to hop to another channel or outlet: CommunityThe Mindy Project, Futurama, American Dad, CougartownScrubs, etc., etc.

My point being, cancellation doesn’t mean what it used to mean. So even though Adult Swim has decided not to produce any new episodes of Metalocalypse, well… that doesn’t mean we’ll never hear from Dethklok again!

In fact, in a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, series co-creator Brendon Small encourages fans to let the powers that be know how much they want the show to come back:

Fans have desperately been awaiting the release of Season 5 of Metalocalypse. What is the current situation for the final conclusion? Is there any chance for it to be made on Netflix?

Brendon: Here’s all that I know: I have a final story I really like, and I think since Hulu currently has a license for the streaming rights I believe that would be a good place for the final story. If they were to partner with Adult Swim, then maybe we’d have a place for the shows that still have a strong audience that the network can no longer afford. Get on Twitter or Facebook and tell Hulu how much you love “Metalocalypse” and who knows what’ll happen?

And so, as our friends at Metal Injection put it, it is now “time to spam Hulu with positive comments about how we want Metalcoalypse.” Unlike, say, petitioning to have Ghost break-up, Leonardo DiCaprio make an appearance at a Meshuggah concert, or the Creed movie to change its name, this is something that COULD actually happen. So get on that shit! Here are helpful links to make it all the easier to do so:

Contact Hulu

Tweet at Hulu

Book Your Face at Hulu

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