Iron Maiden: German Children Scared Shitless by Eddie the Head


german child scared by iron maidenOne might think that, given everything Germany has been through during the course of history — The Revolution of 1848, the loss of two World Wars, the music of Axel Rudi Pell, etc. — their children would have what American southerners refer to as “a strong constitution.” You would also think the country has learned its lesson regarding banning art.

Alas, the below photo by Bazillion Points suggests that neither of these assumptions is correct.

For those of you who do not speak German, the phrase written on that sheet reads:

“There are several kindergartens and primary schools in the immediate area. This poster has no business being here!”

Look: I’m not saying we should post terrifying images where kids can see them willy-nilly. But I’m not sure why that image of Eddie would ever be considered any more upsetting than, say, these German versions of posters for horror movies:

splice09fk friday-the-13th-movie-poster-german,1159431saw_VI_poster_2

Granted, I dunno if these posters were ever placed near a school (however we’re qualifying “near” in this instance), but I imagine they were hung freely in movie theaters, where any child arriving to see Frozen or whatever could have viewed them.

My larger point being: you can’t always protect your child from this kind of thing! It’s up to you as a parent to explain the difference between reality and make-believe, and to ensure that your kid understands that Eddie cannot hurt them.

ANYWAY. Maybe not the biggest deal, but, y’know. Pretty dumb.

[via Metal Injection]

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