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Cynic Have Broken Up (Again)


cynic break up again

Update, 12:43pm EDT, September 14th: We have disabled commenting on this and all other posts relating to Cynic’s break-up, and we will be refraining from covering this story further until we hear official word from Paul Masvidal. 

Original post follows:

Get ready to cry…

This news stinks, not just because Cynic are fucking great — that should go without saying — but because the split clearly wasn’t amicable, and that’s a major bummer, too… like Reinert says, he and Masvidal have been working together pretty much forever.

Still, sad though this news may be, we can always hope against hope for another reunion someday. Remember: this isn’t the first time Cynic have split up! And these guys are still young. There’s plenty of time for them to let the wounds heal and then regroup.

Thanks: Simple Nomad

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