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Norwegian Metal Duo Anfinnsaas are the Weirdest/Coolest Thing You’ll Hear All Day


AnfinnsaasWhen Norwegian duo Anfinnsaas’s new track “Slått Fra Røstad” landed in my inbox, my thought process went thusly:

“This is weird and not all that metal. Pass.”

“Actually, this is kinda neat.”

“This is rad as fuck. I should post about it precisely because it’s not traditional metal.”

There are certainly metal elements to it — the post-y skronkiness of death metal’s gnarlier bands such as Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Ulcerate, etc — but it’s not as overtly heavy as any of those, and it may be even more experimental. That experimental side comes from traditional Nordic music, which the band’s Knut Finsaas and Geir Anfinn Halland Johansen cite as a heavy influence on their sound.

It’s important to remember that metal (or heavy music, or whatever) comes in all sorts of forms, and just because it doesn’t fit the same format as most of what we listen to doesn’t mean we should discard it outright. Musically speaking, there is some AWESOME stuff going on here. Here for yourself below via Bloody Disgusting.

Anfinnsaas’ self-titled debut comes out September 18th on Autumnsongs Records; pre-order via Amazon.

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