Paul Masvidal on Cynic Break-Up: “This is All News to Me”


cynic break up againUpdate, 12:43pm EDT, September 14th: We have disabled commenting on this and all other posts relating to Cynic’s break-up, and we will be refraining from covering this story further until we hear official word from Paul Masvidal. 

Original post follows:

Earlier today, drummer Sean Reinert announced that Cynic were breaking up — for the second time — on terms that were not exactly amicable.

Masvidal has now made an announcement of his own, and, uh… well…

I appreciate that Masvidal wants to save the tour; I can’t really imagine Cynic with a different drummer.

But that’s almost besides the point, and the point is this: metal musicians finding out they’re fired or their band has dissolved or whatever via the internet has become an alarming trend. Maybe I’m just an old man from an era that pre-dates social networks and what have you, but aren’t you supposed to have a face-to-face for that kinda thing?

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