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White Widows Pact’s “Landlord” Will Make You Lose Your Security Deposit


White Widows PactExtreme music has a long and proud tradition of writing songs about worthless asshole shitfucking landlords, from Dead Kennedys’ “Let’s Lynch the Landlord” to Living Colour’s “Open Letter to a Landlord” to Napalm Death’s “Dear Slum Landlord.” And now you can add “Landlord,” from Brooklyn’s White Widows Pact, to the list!

And a worthy addition it is indeed, a rabid, snarling dog of a song, the kinda track to which the word “virulent” applies in more ways than one. Like, I’m only half-kidding about the song being responsible for the loss of your security deposit. Maybe lay down some newspaper before you listen to it in case you piss and/or shit and/or bleed out as a result of the music’s intensity. Just a suggestion.

Metal Injection debuted “Landlord” earlier today — check it out below! True Will is out October 30 on New Damage.

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