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Here’s Another New Black Breath Track To Murder Your Week To



We were pretty happy with the last new Black Breath song we got to hear. It wasn’t just the same full-speed-ahead death metal-influenced hardcore that we’ve come to expect from the band, but something nastier and rougher around the edges.

The band have just released another new track via Revolver, and it’s even better than the last one! It’s called “Reaping Flesh”, and once again seems to channel old-school death metal like Autopsy and Obituary as much as it does Entombed and Dismember. It also runs the gamut in terms of pace–there’s speed, there’s a breakdown, there are solid galloping riffs all around. If the whole new album is like this, I’m going to be one happy degenerate.

Listen to “Reaping Flesh” below. Slaves Beyond Death is out September 26th on Southern Lord.

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