When Johan Hegg Tells You To “Go Live In A Cave,” You Should Reconsider Your Life



Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg seems like a surprisingly open-minded dude for a Viking movie star athletic-ware salesman who sounds like he plans to eat your kids. He’s not afraid to let a woman step in and cover for him, and the few times I’ve met him have been utterly civil. But we should never forget that he’s still a death metal singer with a massive beard who could probably murder a caribou with his bare hands.

So when Johan Hegg tells you to go live in a cave, it means you are one primitive motherfucker. And according to a recent rant on his Facebook regarding, among other things, Kim Davis (the Kentucky woman who refused to give marriage licenses to gay people even though the government ordered her to, because, you know, Jesus feelings), Hegg believes that dedicated Christian soldiers should do just that:

“Regarding some recent events here are a couple of thoughts.

“It’s ok to have whatever superstitious belief you wish, but you have no right to break the law because of it.

“If your job or a job you are applying for dictates that you perform a duty that goes against your ‘religious belief’ feel free to hand in your resignation, or feel free to NOT apply for that particular job in the first place.

“Your beliefs does not entitle you to oppress or disrespect women. Not even if they are stupid enough to hold the same ridiculous beliefs as you do.

“A religious congregation is a business. They should pay taxes just like everybody else.

“If your moral code comes from a book written by some desert dwelling, goat herding nomads between 1400 and 2000 years ago, you have no authority on what is acceptable in the 21st century. Go live in a cave somewhere.”

Again: if a dude who looks like this tells you to live in a cave, you might be doing something wrong.

We here at MetalSucks respect people of all religious backgrounds so long as they’re not assholes, and Kim Davis is a real asshole. You don’t get to decide what part of your job you want to do and what part you don’t, no matter how righteous your beliefs are, especially when that job is a government one.

We’ll let you know if Hegg and Davis begin a public feud, which I hope to whatever dumbass gods maybe happens in the coming days.

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