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F*ck Yeah, There’s A New Aosoth EP On The Way



Aosoth’s 2013 black metal masterpiece IV: Arrow In Heart rated pretty damn high on my 2013 best-of list, and their performance that year at MDF blew me the fuck away. Few bands are both as punishing and as beautiful as the band was on that album.

So I was pleased to discover on Metal Insider today that, shit yeah, there’s a new Aosoth EP on the way. And while it’s only a two-song EP, one song of which is a remix of a track from Arrow, I’m still stoked, because new Aosoth. NEW FUCKING AOSOTH.

The EP is called simply IV, and is described by the band simply as:

“Third and last of three appendixes, serving as bridges between our fourth full-length record and the next.”

Which implies that there’s a new Aosoth record on the way. Which is, above all else, a thing that makes you say, “UUUUNGH (uuuungh) DANA-DANAAAA (dana-danaaaa)”.

IV comes out October 23rd via Agonia. Preorder it here.

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