Imperial Triumphant’s “Krokodil” Is Not Your Normal Animated Video



Brooklyn black metal misanthropes Imperial Triumphant do music videos a little differently than most. Many of you might remember their video for “Crushing The Idol,” which was about a team of NYC prep school bullies beating people up and raping strippers. Swords and smoke in the woods this ain’t.

Now the band has spread their diseased outlook to animation. The band has released a video for “Krokodil,” a song seemingly about the flesh-eating heroin substitute of that name, and it’s just a miserable hopeless soundscape of despair and addiction. The drawing style is very basic and utilizes what seem to be cray-pas to create a depressing ghost world full of lost souls. It’s good to know that while plenty of bands are using animation to portray themselves as cartoonish caricatures, others are just doing their best to depict pure existential horror (even if it does remind you a bit of Worker and Parasite).

Watch “Krokodil” below. The track is off Abyssal Gods, the band’s release from earlier this year on Code666.

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