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Listen: Void of Sleep Unveils 60 Seconds Of New Album!


Void Of Sleep New World Order

When we last heard from Void Of Sleep, they were wowing us with their unheralded debut album (one of 2013’s best releases) and bumming us out with news of a crippling loss of resources (via a daytime theft of gear in Rome last year). Each of these events might motivate or deflate a young, unmoored band, so we’ve had our fingers crossed that the latter wouldn’t crush their energy and the former wouldn’t sap their hunger. And today is the day we find out that Void Of Sleep is alive and well via 60 seconds of new music just unveiled from New World Order, their upcoming second album.

It’s a concept album, explains a band statement, about “the concept of evil in its purest form. Since the beginning, man has been doomed to consume, enslave, and destroy his own kind in an absurd discord to the final extinction.” So yeah, they sound upset about having force-donated like $10k in equipment to suspiciously proficient crooks of Rome — and the clip (below) sounds like they have channeled that impotent rage into a second mean, doomy classic for fans of Gojira, Tool, and Black Sabbath. Or is it too soon to call? Crank it up!

Void Of Sleep’s sophomore album New World Order is out October 18 (digital) and November 13 (CD) via Aural. Pre-orders coming soon.

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