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Photoset: Afropunk 2015 Festival in Brooklyn, NY



It is no secret that we here at MetalSucks are strong supporters of the Afropunk movement.  Yours truly wrote a lil somethin-somethin about last year’s event, as well as a recent post about this year’s edition as well.

I remember when the organization was localized around a strong documentary film making the festival rounds some years ago (watch in full here), and it has been a true joy watching the cause develop into one of Brooklyn’s best, and most inspirational, summer festivals.

This was my third consecutive year attending the two-day party/concert/art show/etc, and I expect to do the same every subsequent year while I am standing on the heavy Brooklyn streets.

One of the best parts of how the lineups are curated is that they promote musical diversity as a primary concern and function of the festival. Naturally, our being a purveyor of all things heavy, we have a vibrant slew of images of some of the heavier bands at this year’s Afropunk Festival, starting with thrash legends Suicidal Tendencies, our hometown math-metal heroes Candiria, California post-hardcore outfit Letlive, and intergalactic glitch-spazz warriors Death Grips.

(although to me nothing killed nearly as much as supreme swaggmaster Lenny Kravitz — I am indeed gonna go his way)

Enjoy!  Photos courtesy of Maclyn Bean.

Info on next month’s Afropunk Atlanta event here.


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