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Idol Listening: Armageddon Guitarist Christopher Amott’s 10 Favorite Anti-War Songs


Christopher Amott

Armageddon, led by ex-Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott, released Captivity and Devourment earlier this year, their fourth album overall but first in 13 years. To say that it rips would be an understatement; throughout the course of the album’s ten tracks, Amott proves time and again why he was such an important creative driving force in Arch Enemy. His music in Armageddon shows that he hasn’t lost the desire to push forward and tread new musical ground one bit even after so many years of making metal. Stream it in full below if you haven’t yet.

Armageddon are about to head out on a tour of the United States’ Northeast and Midwest, followed by a trip to Japan (dates at the bottom of this post). We asked Amott to put together a playlist for us, and he came with a list of his top ten favorite war songs. Why a war playlist, why now, you might ask? Could it simply be that humans massacring one another is an issue we’ll unfortunately always have to deal with? Check out his picks below, followed by a quick Q&A.

1. Slayer – “Mandatory Suicide”
2. Napalm Death – “Suffer the Children”
3. Bob Dylan – “Masters of War”
4. Arch Enemy – “Dead Eyes See No Future”
5. Kate Bush – “Army Dreamers”
6. Guns N’ Roses – “Civil War”
7. Iron Maiden – “2 Minutes To Midnight”
8. Metallica – “Disposable Heroes”
9. Savatage – “Of Rage And War”
10. Megadeth – “Holy wars… The Punishment Due”

If the “classic” lineup of Guns N’ Roses does indeed reunite, as rumored, would it be Adler or Sorum on drums?

Hmm… Honestly, I’m not a die-hard G n’ R listener, I like the first album and some stuff off Use Your Illusion I & II. I dunno, I guess they’ll go with whoever is most reliable; that’s how it usually goes with these things.

Interesting pick with Kate Bush. Tell us more!

What can I say? She was and is a very creative and original songwriter and performer. I’ve always been a fan.

When was the first time you heard Bob Dylan?

I can’t remember the first time I heard him, but a few years ago I decided to check out his discography and became a fan. He’s very creative and original, and definitely always went his own way artistically, which I admire. I honestly don’t understand it when people say he’s a bad singer. I don’t agree with that at all.

Have you heard the new Iron Maiden record? What are your thoughts?

I have only heard the video song so far and it sounds like they are in great form! I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan, and I love all their albums up until Bruce Dickinson left in the ’90s.

What are your plans for Armageddon in the next few months?

First a short tour of the US. Our first show is in Brooklyn on September 24th, and the tour leads up to us going to Japan where we’ll be playing the Loud Park festival on October 11, headlined by Megadeth and Slayer this year. Should be a good time!

Sep 24 Brooklyn, NY – Black Bear Bar
Sep 26 Holyoke, MA – Waterfront
Sep 27 Buffalo, NY – Broadway Joe’s
Sep 28 Cleveland, OH – Foundry
Sep 29 Indianapolis, IN – The 5th Quarter
Sep 30 Chicago, IL – Live Wire Lounge
Oct 1 Covington, KY – Backstage Cafe
Oct 2 Knoxville, TN – Open Chord
Oct 3 Chattanooga, TN – Ziggy’s Underground
Oct 4 Asheville, NC – The Odditorium
Oct 5 – Baltimore, MD – The Depot
Oct 11 – Saitama, Japan, – Saitama Super Arena

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