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You Make The Hell “Sick”




Correction: We’ve been told that the lyric mentioned below and is actually, “We’re like the stone in your shoe.” We apologize for the mistake, but will leave the incorrect lyric in the piece, as we like it and it seems like the kind of thing The Hell would also say.

As far as modern bands doing great stuff go, The Hell are high up on my list. Their songs are heavy, their lyrics are brilliant, and their commentary on the music scene is generally spot-on. I don’t even mind their bandana-over-face gang imagery, as it’s offset by the band members’ ability to not take themselves too seriously (if only King 810 could pull their heads out of their asses, they might be some portion of as good as The Hell). “Everybody Dies” was easily one of 2014’s best songs.

So we’re pretty stoked that a) the band has a new album, Brutopia, due out this October; and b) that they’ve released a kickass new song titled “Sick”. With its earworm chorus and hilarious lyrics (“When life has stolen your shoe” is an amazing description of a shitty day, mood, or situation), the track is a wonderful condemnation of elitist heavy metal, which I’m sure a band of snarky don’t-give-a-fuck dudes from Watford know a thing or two about dealing with. Remember, guys, it’s always more utterly destroying to laugh at someone’s stupidity than to insult it.

Anyway, here’s “Sick,” complete with a nice little nod to David Cameron in the video. Brutopia swallows the world on October 30th, so you can fuck off all Halloween.

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