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What the Fuck, Lemmy? Motörhead Releasing Signature Whiskey



Man, the release of the awesome Bad Magic has really sent Motörhead into a promotional frenzy. The band is making sex toys, video game skins, and even… signature whiskey?

Yup, it appears that a week from today, Motörhead will be releasing their own brand of whiskey via Swedish distillery Mackmyra. According the drink’s promotional materials on the Motörhead Drinks site:

“The un-compromising attitude that characterises the band’s music is also obvious in Motörhead Whisky: bourbon-influences up front, it’s an alert and vital – almost cocky – perfectly balanced whisky with nice caramel and typical vanilla notes from American oak.”

Come on, guys, no one’s noting the vanilla. They’re just doing six shots of it and slurring the words to “Live to Win.”

I’m not surprised or offended by the band releasing whiskey — hell, it’s been a long time coming, given their signature beer and vodka. But it does raise a few questions.

  • Why did Motörhead release a vodka before they released a whiskey?
  • Didn’t Lemmy just give up whiskey in favor of vodka? Isn’t this a conflict of interest, or at the very least a terrible temptation?
  • Most importantly, aren’t Lemmy’s recent health problems the result of his irresponsible living? Doesn’t releasing a hard liquor feel, I dunno, weird right now?

Look, I understand that the Motörhead brand is bigger than Lemmy (if there is such a thing as bigger than Lemmy), and no matter how bad the frontman’s health is I don’t want them slinging vitamins and laxatives. It just feels a little weird that a man who’s reforming his life, and doing so in part by specifically through giving up whiskey, is now releasing a whiskey.

Anyway, Motörhead Whiskey comes out October 1st. You bet your ass I’m going to try and get a bottle and write a Tumbler of the Beast post about it.

[via Loudwire]

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