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Nothing to See Here, Just a Picture of Job For a Cowboy’s Touring Van Completely Engulfed in Flames


Job For a Cowboy vanThe above is a really real picture of Job For a Cowboy’s van that the band posted on Facebook last night.

The obvious joke here is “Not like they’re using it anyway” — the band hasn’t toured since summer 2013, despite releasing the critically acclaimed progsterpiece Sun Eater last year — but still, damn! I can’t imagine they’d just decide to torch their van as a goof. Dudes got bills to pay and I’m sure it could’ve been sold for at least something even if it wasn’t in the best shape.

Which begs the question: what the fuck is going on in this photo? It looks as if the roof of the patio of the house behind it might be on fire too, but it’s not clear. Rumor has it that the van belongs to guitarist Al Glassman and that the band doesn’t even know how the fire started, but again, it’s not clear.

No matter what, this stinks. We sure hope the dudes had an insurance policy open even though they weren’t actively touring.

MetalSucks reached out to the band and their label, Metal Blade, in August seeking information about the status of Job For a Cowboy. The band declined to comment, but a representative from the label told us that all the members were “deep in day job land” and not to expect an official announcement from the band anytime soon. We’ll keep you all updated if we hear anything.


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