Worst Week Ever

You Don’t Want To Be Geoff Rickly Right Now



Man, Thursday and No Devotion singer Geoff Rickly is having a hard time of it recently. Last week, it was discovered that the singer’s label, Collect Records, was being funded by the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, a company straight out of an ’80s sci-fi movie that jacked the price of HIV treatment meds from about thirteen bucks to $750 a pill. Which is not good when your label is built on all that punk rock emotional bullshit. As such, multiple bands have left Collect and released self-praising messages against the label.

Sucks to be him, right? But at least Geoff has his health… or he did, until he was poisoned and robbed in Germany.

The following was posted to the No Devotion Instagram account yesterday:


So maybe this makes me a heartless bastard, but I have to wonder how Geoff got poisoned outside of the venue. Did someone hand him poisoned food to eat, or throw a cloud of liquid detergent in his face, or what? I have no doubt Geoff got robbed, but I don’t know, that part immediately makes me furrow my brow.

Nonetheless, it’s fucked up to poison and rob someone, I don’t care what company they accepted money from. So everyone, please, leave Geoff Rickly alone in real life. Sure, boycott his shows, petition to have his label shut down, post videos of you burning your No Devotion CDs (if you’re one of the suckers who bought one). But don’t poison and rob him. Not cool.

We’ll keep you posted in case Geoff falls down a manhole, gets hit by a falling piano, or is handed a package with a hissing fuse trailing out of it.

[via Metal Insider]

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