Huntress’ “Sorrow”: Here’s To You, Jesús Franco



The horror films of 1970s Europe were a phenomenal exercise in visceral atmosphere and graceful exploitation. They all featured creepy imagery and gruesome special effects done on a shoestring budget, but what they really showed off was how easily directors of that era could inject softcore girl-on-girl pornography into a movie for no apparent reason whatsoever. This was best displayed in the Italian vampire films of the era, which repeatedly cribbed from Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla, one of the first great vampire novels that famously explored lesbianism long before Ellen.

Now, while I’m not the biggest Huntress fan out there, I have to admit that the band’s latest video for the song “Sorrow” is a perfect tribute to these classic trash flicks. Cobwebby and melodramatic one minute, kinky and gore-drenched the next, “Sorrow” does the Italian vampire films of the ’70s justice. Jill Janus is plays the Ingrid Pitt role perfectly (we all know she’s not afraid of a little sapphic fun in the name of great art), and everyone around her looks like they were pulled straight out of The Blood-Spattered Bride, right down to the fur-lined vests and silver cat eye make-up.

So whether or not you love Huntress, if you’re a classic horror movie fan — or a twelve-year-old boy who finds a woman sitting on another woman’s lap to be the height of smoldering erotica — you should check out the video below. Props to Huntress for doing something cool just in time for Halloween.

Huntress’ new album, Static, is out now.

[via Bloody Disgusting]

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