Nameless Ghoul from Ghost Endorse Bernie Sanders: “I Just Like His Eyes Better”


bernie sanders ghost

Miniature investigative journalist prodigy Elliot Fullam of Little Punk People recently interviewed one of the Nameless Ghouls from Ghost, and got him to talk about the single most important topic you could ever possibly discuss with a member of the Swedish occult band: American politics.

According to Metal Injection, the Nameless Ghoul in question “offered a soft endorsement” presidential candidate Bernie Sanders:

“You know it’s always a little complicated with politics. With this particular question, just because it’s so specific, and because you’ve got something that’s so black on one side and one that it’s not entirely black on the other side… black as in dark obviously, from the utter perimeter of the darkest part of the universe. I would say Bernie [Sanders]. But that is without really knowing exactly what he is about. I just like his eyes better. I just think that he feels like a better leader but that is without really knowing.”

It’s not hard to understand why a Nameless Ghoul would put so much emphasis on the eyes — it’s the only part of his face Ghost fans ever get to see. Whether or not Ghost’s endorsement means as much to this political race as Five Finger Death Punch’s endorsement of Donald Trump remains to be seen.

Watch the interview below:

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