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First “Communion”: You Probably Love New Abigail Williams



Abigail Williams frontman Ken Sorceron could hang with Dez Fafara and Al Jourgensen. They’d each explain their unconvincing start in trendy music, and their discovery that their skill and interest is in antisocial extreme music. Sorceron climbs a smaller hill than the founder of Coal Chamber and the author of With Sympathy, as his movements are less public. But also, it’s thanks to Charlie Fell (ex-Lord Mantis), that it’s easy for listeners to warm to Abigail Williams’es’s new, awesome era. Sorceron’s “Three Crosses” closes LM’s Death Mask, last year’s best album. I wager that most fans came to know the song before learning the identity of its creator, so Sorceron got his day in court thanks to Fell. Plus Sorceron deserves a tip of the cap for helping to preserve Lord Mantis long enough for Fell’s masterpiece to exist. We owe the guy. But we’re not asked to repay him yet, his new shit requires no “charity applause” or grudging attention. It rips!! Stay til the end :) Via No Clean Singing:

Abigail Williams The Accuser is out October 30 via Candlelight. Pre-order here and here. Another song here.

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