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Warrel Dane Says He’ll Perform Nevermore’s Dead Heart in a Dead World in its Entirety This November — But with Which Band?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Nevermore - Dead Heart in a Dead WorldNevermore’s neo-classic, Dead Heart in a Dead World, turns fifteen this month, and I know at least one dude who is planning to celebrate hard:

Which is interesting, because as of this writing, there’s no such thing as Nevermore. Dane has said the band is “not dead” despite the fact that its two most interesting members, Jeff Loomis and Van Williams, both quit the band in 2011, and that he has “secret plans” for how to soldier on, but those plans are still currently a secret to everyone but him (and, presumably, bassist Jim Sheppard). Dane’s other band, Sanctuary, have U.S. tour dates booked through the end of October… but that’s it. If Dane has any upcoming solo dates, they’ve haven’t been made public.

So this news is pretty weird, and leaves us with a lot of questions! Questions like…

  • Who will be performing Dead Heart in November? Dane’s solo band? Sanctuary (that would be REALLY strange)? The new, “secret” version of Nevermore?
  • It’s October. If this is happening NEXT MONTH, why hasn’t it been announced yet???
  • Does anyone really wanna see this album — or any Nevermore material, for that matter — performed WITHOUT Loomis and Williams?

You’ll know more as soon as we do. In the meantime, this is all the excuse we need to rock out to Dead Hearts in a Dead World, right? Right!

Thanks: Peter W.

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