Vulture Industries Smell “Blood On The Trail”


Vulture Industries-The Tower

Vulture Industries’ The Tower was much-loved here at MetalSucks when it came out in 2013. Its demented mix of metal, rock, and old-timey gospel (I don’t know how else to put it) was refreshing break from the nonstop ambient black metal and technical death metal we get here.

So, on the one hand, we were excited to see that the band has just released a video for “Blood on the Trail,” a track from The Tower, which was directed by metal artist extraordinaire Costin Chioreanu. But on the other hand, man, guys, making a video from an album you put out two years ago is either ballsy or foolish. It seems like the fans might be disappointed, seeing a new video only to realize it’s from a record they heard ages ago; then again, maybe Vulture Industries consider themselves so timeless that they don’t need to worry about how close to their release date they put out videos.

Anyway, watch the video for “Blood on the Trail” below; it’s as weird and off-kilter as the band is. The Tower is out right now on Season of Mist, and the band has a new record in the works.

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