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Exclusive Premiere: Nylithia, “Whips & Chainz”



Nylithia are probably the band most often posted about on MetalSucks that you haven’t heard of yet. We’ve been singing the praises of the Vancouver, British Columbia-based, self-described “hyperthrash” act since 2009, when a metal cover they did of the Mario Bros. theme song first caught our attention. A year later they released a highly entertaining music video in which they broke a bunch of shit with an original composition playing underneath, and the rest is history: we’ve been huge fans ever since.

Nylithia will FINALLY release their debut full-length album, Hyperthrash, on November 21st. Press play on “Whips & Chains” and you’ll quickly realize why “hyperthrash” is such a fitting term for their music. It’s thrashy, and yes, it’s speedy, but “hyper” describes the attitude the music conveys more than anything; it’s upbeat and catchy and makes you feel great inside and just makes you wanna do lots of fun stuff. It amps you up! And, most importantly, it rips: these dudes are absolute riff masters, and they’ve got a unique way of stringing together notes that make them sound completely unique.

Check out “Whips & Chains” below, and if you dig what you hear head to No Clean Singing to hear another song called “Blüdwolves.” Pre-order Hyperthrash through Nylithia’s Bandcamp; it comes out on November 21. The band promises tour dates soon.

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