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Video: Megafan Has Recreated Slipknot, Ghost, GWAR, and Buckethead Masks

  • Axl Rosenberg

AJ Good MasksMetalSucks Suckalos, meet AJ Good, who owns a “mask museum” (I put it in quotes only because I don’t believe it’s actually open to the public) The House of Masks. AJ loves masks, most, if not all, of which he makes himself.

And he’s pretty damned good at it, too, if these videos showcasing his collection of Slipknot, Ghost, GWAR, and Buckethead masks are any indication. (Although it should be said that you can easily just buy a Buckethead-style mask at a cheap price.) And he has pretty good taste in music, too: note the total absence of Mushroomhead masks.

Speaking of Slipknot masks: should you want to be a member of Slipknot for Halloween but lack Mr. Good’s talents, you can now buy an official Slipknot Halloween mask. They range in price in form $32 to $60, depending on which member you wanna “be.” Get ’em here.

[via The PRP x2]

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