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Megadeth Perform with Former Dimmu Borgir and Nile Drummer Tony Laureano — But is He in the Band?


Tony LaureanoEventually, Megadeth are going to have to name a new drummer — right? I mean, Chris Adler may play on their new album, Dystopia, but he was never meant to be a full-time member of ‘Deth, given that he’s already got his hands full with Lamb of God.

So who will take the Megadeth drum throne permanently (and by “permanently,” I mean “until they can no longer take Dave Mustaine’s bullshit”)? Well, it appears it may sorta-kinda-not-really be Tony Laureano, former skinsman for Dimmu Borgir, Nile, and Angelcorpse.

According to The PRP, Laureano is playing with the band during their current tour of Asia… but he shouldn’t get too comfortable just yet: apparently Adler “hopes to handle the live drumming for the band when his schedule permits,” and “Laureano also serves as a drum tech for Megadeth, making his flexible involvement in the band an easy fit.” In other words, Laureano is the first choice… for the understudy position.

I’m sure Laureano is hopeful this will lead to the gig being his full-time, and, hey, playing with a Big Four band sometimes is better than playing with a Big Four band no times. Still, it has to be a little weird to know you could be asked to give up your seat at any time. I guess, in a way, that’s always the case being in Megadeth, though.

Below, check out some video of Laureano making his live debut with the band in Beijing. Then head to the comments section to discuss: do you hope Mustaine makes Laureano a full-timer? Chat amongst yourselves.

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