A View From the Pit

Photos: Cult Of Luna/Kylesa/Inaeona at The Gramercy Theatre in New York City (9/1/15)



What a treat this show was.

With such a dense, epic, lush style, Inaeona was meant to play venues of this size. Kylesa’s bombastic (yet inexplicably unison) double drumset attack reverberated starkly alongside the band’s rich, furious guitars and vocals.

But the true star was Sweden’s Cult of Luna. Three guitars, two drumsets, keyboards, percussion, multiple vocals… the sound is so undeniably huge and powerful that I literally spent the first half hour of the set with my jaw dropped in disbelief.  Quite an experience.

And now, courtesy of my brotog Maclyn Bean, you can at least witness how the bands looked onstage; if you didn’t live in any of the cities this tour hit, my condolences. If you dropped the ball and missed this rare opportunity to see Cult Of Luna… well then no sympathies here — you plain dumb, yo.

Take it away, Mr. Bean…



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