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Just in Time for Halloween: The Heavy Metal Pumpkin Carving Book



I go a little apeshit for Halloween. My house looks like a set out of a Bela Lugosi flick, my teeth get riddled with cavities from all the fun-size candy I eat, and of course, my porch and windowsills are lined with jack-o’-lanterns. Carving pumpkins is the original Halloween pastime, an awesome call-back to childhood–even if it’s not particularly metal.

But now it can be. From the makers of Heavy Metal Heroes Valentine’s Day Cards comes the Heavy Metal Pumpkin Carving Book, a collection of patterns that allow you to carve your jack-o’-lanterns into the faces and designs of metal’s heaviest bands. Patterns include Vic Rattlehead, the Slayer pentagram, the Danzig skull, and of course King Diamond himself:



While the product definitely feels a little ridiculous–how many people are going to get frustrated midway through carving the Celtic Frost heptagram into a pumpkin and end up just giving it a spooky face?–there’s definitely a market for it. Elaborate pumpkin carving has become a Halloween staple these days, and metalheads will do anything they can to make things as metal as they can. Besides, what better way to teach kids about the power of steel than invading a children’s holiday with metal imagery?

You can order the pumpkin-carving book here. Try not to slice your hand open during the process, but if you do, make sure to dribble blood on the pumpkin in the name of Satan.

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