Enlarge The FFDP frontman puts Kanye on blast, then goes on an incoherent Kanye-like rant of his own.

Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody: “Fuck Kanye West”


Finger Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody had some choice words for hip hop pioneer, Kardashian clansman and outspoken personality Kanye West at Saturday’s concert in West Chester, PA: “Fuck Kanye West.”

The ultimate irony? Moody putting Kanye West on blast and then going on a completely incoherent, Kanye-like rant of his own.

The second biggest putz in all of metal — as voted by MetalSucks readers — made the eloquent proclamation before leading the crowd in a “Fuck Kanye” chant. He then proceeded to claim he’ll be roasted for his words on social media (heyo!) and went on a short rant about how untrue rumors can be propagated too easily on the Internet (probably a reference to the allegations he beat his wife, which later turned out to be not his wife but was still incredibly murky) by “some 12-year-old kid in his grandmother’s basement who has nothing to do but masturbate and pop pimples” (super original insult, brah).

So… why does Moody hate Kanye West so much? Who knows, because he doesn’t ever explain! At least not in the video of the incident that MetalSucks has obtained and posted below. But if Moody said something else earlier in the concert, or there’s prior context we’re missing… well, please fill us in.

Thanks: deftik1337

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