Shining’s New Video Was Shot atop a 2,300-Foot Cliff in Norway


When Shining performed on top of the Trolltungo (“Troll’s Tongue”) cliff in Norway on the summer solstice earlier this year, it seemed a sure bet they’d capture the event on film and give it the proper music video treatment eventually. Not only do Shining have a flair for the dramatic when it comes to music videos, but it seemed just too good an opportunity to pass up. 2300 foot (700 meters) up in the sky on a dramatic overhang overlooking a fjord. The ocean — and snow drifts — in the background. Norway. The longest day of the year in a part of the world with near infinite sunlight!

Welp, Shining have done exactly that, and the resulting clip for “Last Day” is nothing short of breathtaking. I’m getting legitimately sick to the stomach just watching this — those clips of the bassist on the very end of the cliff, gadzooks, do you think it ever crossed his mind that the whole thing could crumble from the vibrations of the amps and drums?? The scenery is a treat, the shots of tourists and hikers watching from an adjacent cliff provide some much needed levity, and the band, of course, rips.

Check out the video below via Invisible OrangesInternational Blackjazz Society is available from Spinefarm Records on October 23; pre-order here and check out another song from the record called “The Last Stand.”

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