MetalSucks Reader Offers Firsthand Account of Alleged Fan Assault by Danzig’s Security Team


Yesterday, a fan named Neil Dalton alleged that he was on stage during a Danzig show in Montreal this past Sunday night, at which point Danzig and his security guards proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Metal Injection was able to procure several conflicting eyewitness accounts of the supposed incident…

…but now MetalSucks reader Marcelo S., who was also at the show, has provided the most detailed description of the evening’s events that we’ve heard to date. Said description follows in full:

I was standing in the front line, facing the center of the stage. The thing with this guy Neil happened 3 feet away from me, to my right.

Danzig, a couple of times, in two different moments, pointed at the crowd, asking a guy to stop taking pictures with his cellphone. Danzing even said “I don’t come to your house to bother you, so don’t do that here at my concert to bother me”.

Security was, during the whole show (and even before Danzig get on stage) reinforcing that cellphones/cameras were not allowed, neither for videos nor pics.

Then, the third time that Danzig pointed at the crowd (he stopped the music) he pointed at “the guy with the goatie” (that’s how he referred to this guy). Then people around him opened a circle around the goatie guy, and Danzig continued. Danzig said “get the fuck out of my show”. “Get out of here, mf”.

The goatie guy (that now we know is Neil), approached the fence before the stage (he was one meter away from me, to my right) and stared at Danzig. I heard he saying “I didn’t do nothing”. And Danzig said “You were flashing you camera at me. Get the fuck out of here. No, better, come here, mf, I ill beat you up here (stage).”

Now, they were facing each other, a meter away from each other, with security making a wall between him and Danzig. Danzig was calling Neil to the stage, but did not make any effort to actually bring him up. He new security was gonna take care of it. Then Danzig said: “get this mf out of here before I break his neck. If he come up the stage I will break his fn neck, mf!”.

Then a huuuge body guard (Samoan style) was already set to take care of the action.

Two security guards jumped the fence (that separated us from the stage), grabbed Neil by the collar of his jacket and held his arms, almost lifting him up, and they vanished. The Samoan body guard followed.

Danzig said a few couple of words about motherfs with cameras, and the band continued playing.

According to one Metal Injection’s eyewitness reports, Dalton was actually beaten up later, when he tried to re-enter the venue. That report also indicates that Danzig personally participated in the assault after the show, before getting on his tour bus. If we amalgamate that report and Marcelo’s, we get a clearer picture of what may have actually happened here.

So it sounds like Mr. Dalton basically went too far in trying to provoke Danzig and his team, and was ultimately successful in a way he probably did not anticipate. That being said, it’s hard to support the decision to inflict physical harm on the guy. Glenn Danzig turned sixty this past June; it’s hard to tell through all the blood and shit, but Mr. Dalton appears to be in his 20s or 30s. Doesn’t Danzig have some responsibility to be be the bigger man here? To take the high road?

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