Dave Mustaine Believes in the Power of Friendship, Humiliates Ex-Guitar Tech Via Online Video


Man, Dave Mustaine — what a classy guy. Every time I see his name cross my news feed, I think, Man, here comes another sterling example of why there’s still hope for metal music.

Case in point, Dave recently came out hailing Megadeth’s newest incarnation as a massive improvement, even saying that he feels like better friends with the new slew of dudes:

“In no way is this meant to be offensive to Shawn or Chris, but we’ve definitely upgraded talent-wise, personality-wise, friendship-wise.”

That’s so nice to hear, isn’t it? So nice. After all, Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick just weren’t cutting it with the fans — or was it the band’s management? Anyway, the point is, the newest version of Megadeth is the type of warm, happy family that makes Dave excited to be alive.

But sadly, not everyone is living up to Dave’s standard of friendship. Apparently, Dave’s guitar tech screwed up at last night’s Brisbane show, forcing Dave to fire him. But losing his job wasn’t enough — Dave decided to make a video message to the people of Brisbane (below), in which he calls the tech “a waste of life and skin,” and assures his fans:

“But you know what the funny thing is? He has to live with himself. And as of like right now, I’ll never see his stupid ass again.”

What a shame — for every one friendly, talented, brilliant participant in the Megadeth game, there’s gotta be someone who screwed up and therefore deserves to be publicly and childishly ridiculed by a rock star on the internet. I mean, a video message like this clearly shows that the guitar tech was the problem, not the leader of an internationally-touring band who feels like going online and railing against him like some self-important YouTuber is a professional way of doing things.

It’s just to bad Dave can’t find a whole crew that pleases him 24-7. Maybe he should create his own.


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