Watch: Abigail Williams’ Gross Nuu Video “Nuummite”


Abigail Williams’ awesome new album The Accuser is out next week. It will arrive with a significant amount of expectation as the informal sequel to the Lord Mantis album Death Mask; the albums share a creative team of AW frontman Ken Sorceron and Charlie Fell, then bassist of Lord Mantis. That’s awesome, but it basically shifts all the hopes and demands for a true follow-up to a masterpiece squarely onto The Accuser. It even features a ex-member of Indian like Death Mask.

And true to its origins, The Accuser is an unpleasant experience. That vibe is represented by a new video for its surreal, Lynchian finale “Nuummite” (below, via Cult Nation), which is a bummer reel of gross, scary images. A Lambgoat reader spotted footage from the infamous short film Cutting Moments, which is too high-profile to filch from, so maybe Sorceron and its creator Douglas Buck hang out or something. That’d be wild. I’d join them attired in a hazmat suit.

Abigail Williams’s The Accuser is out October 30 via Candlelight. Pre-order here and here. Another song here and here.

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