L.A.’s Legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill Shut Down Due to Lemmy Cockroach Infestation


Even if you’ve never been there — heck, even if you’ve never been to Los Angeles — you know the Rainbow Bar & Grill: it’s a legendary hangout for the town’s local rockstars, it was featured in Guns N’ Roses’ videos for “Don’t Cry” and “Estranged,” and it gets shout-outs in W.A.S.P.’s “Sunset and Babylon” and L.A. Guns’ “Nothing Better to Do.” Lemmy basically lives there. It’s an institution!

So this news is kind of a bummer: according to TMZ

“L.A. County health inspectors descended on Rainbow Wednesday and turned up cockroaches everywhere … 5 dead behind the hand wash sink, 4 live ones on a wall, 2 live by the cook line, 3 dead ones inside the compressor and 1 live one by the dishwasher.

“The infestation, along with other violations, were enough to lock the joint up … at least temporarily.”

That’s gross. But having been to the Rainbow, it’s also not altogether surprising. I mean, it’s not like Lemmy is gonna spend his time doing coke in the bathroom of a nice establishment, is it? The Rainbow being kinda run down is part of its charm. They just maybe let that, uh, charm get the best of them.

ANYWAY, the Rainbow claims that the issue is simply the result of their building being old, and that “other local businesses have been effected as well.” This is what happens when your scene is as incestuous as the one in Hollywood. Once somebody gets roaches, everybody gets ’em.

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