Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Hath, Odetosun, Dysylumn


Hath - HiveNew Jersey’s Hath fall into the sub-category of death metal I lovingly call Opethian metal. They’re not blatant Opeth worshippers by any stretch, but you probaly already know what I mean: there’s a certain sense of melody, a way of constructing riffs, that evokes a special feel reminiscent of Sweden’s cheekiest. Hath are a good bit heavier than Opeth (certainly more than modern-day Opeth), but they’re also incredibly creative and artful and they’ve got a healthy sense of what makes a good song. Fans of Black Crown Initiate and Rivers of Nihil oughtta dig these dudes. Check out their new EP Hive below via Bandcamp:

More Opethian metal from Unsigned and Unholy alumni Odetosun! You’ll recognize it right away in “Machine Horizon.” But they’ve got more to offer than just that, of course; The Dark Dunes of Titan opening track “At the Shores of the Ammonia Sea” is downright Pink Floydian, with a David Gilmouresque guitar lead that sends shivers down my spine and a slicing keyboard counterpart that makes me nether region tingle, meanwhile the rhythm section pulsating and grooving underneath. Stream the album below via Bandcamp:

Dysylumn fall into the Ulcerate/Gorguts/Dysrhythmia camp of skronky DM bands, a bit more gnarly and aggressive than either of the above. They only skronk in limited doses, though, occasionally sprinkling their own brand of progressive death metal with flavor here and there. The vocals should prove divisive; I’m not sure why the band felt the need to soak them in so much reverb. But the overall package is really fucking good, as you’ll hear when you stream Conceptarium below via Bandcamp:

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