Dan Spitz Pulls Out Big Guns, Calls Anthrax “Fairytale Tellers”


Last we heard from former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz, who played on the band’s most vital releases, he was having the domestic violence charges against him dropped. But now it seems that Spitz is pissed at his former bands members, and is having a hissy fit on Facebook accordingly.

Regarding a recent Metal Hammer article, Spitz said the following:


Damn, son. Fairytale tellers? I don’t care where you’re from, if you’re going to spew a poisonous remark like that, you better get ready to trade blows with some very, very sensitive men.

Dan continued his white-hot razzing in the comments section of the post with the following:



On the one hand, Spitz is a born-again Christian (in another comment, he gives credit to Anthrax’s success to God and God alone) who probably isn’t making much money from DeuxMonkey (by ‘much,’ we mean ‘any’). Then again, Anthrax do not have a great track record when it comes to staying on good terms with old bandmates or honoring their own legacy. So basically, it’s the shouty nutbar versus the jerk squad on this one.

We’ll let you know if Anthrax fires back at Spitz in this online feud, because let’s be honest, this is all really, really funny.

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