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Haunted Shores Take a Hike Up “Harrison Fjord”


Haunted Shores - Viscera“Norway Jose?” “Harrison Fjord?” Who comes up with these song titles?

Periphery guitarists Mark Holcomb and Misha Mansoor do, of course. The duo recently reunited as Haunted Shores — Holcomb’s project which pre-dates his involvement in Periphery — and both dudes have as good a sense of humor about themselves as anyone in metal. Proof positive: Misha’s involvement in the MS comments section, which he trolls on a regular basis.

The arctic-tinged song titles are very appropriate, it turns out; though “Norway Jose,” which we premiered here on MetalSucks last month, had certain sonic similarities with Periphery, it’s a lot more black metal-tinged than anything that band’s ever done. “Harrison Fjord,” which premieres today on Metal Injection, is the same: you’re not gonna forget who’s playing on these tracks, but you’re not used to hearing them sound quite like this. And that’s what’s so much fun about it; it’s cool to hear these guys stretching a bit outside of what’s expected of them.

The Viscera EP comes out on November 3 and can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. Check out a teaser with samples of some of the EP’s other songs here.

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