Watch: Hells Headbangers Unveils Fest DVD Trailer


Prediction: The day is near in which there will be no such thing as “concert regret.” Sure, our schedules will still be as packed, geography as uncooperative, and the destinations for our money as numerous, so we’ll never stop missing shows. But eventually, the live music industry’s gatekeepers will allow us 360-degree/365-day virtual access to a concert at which our actual presence is impossible. How exciting that time will be when we’ll sprawl out at the park on a Saturday, pay a small fee, and virtually attend a Cult Of Fire show in Poland via technology!

We’re not there yet, but we get closer every time a tiny niche metal event like Hells Headbash unveils a classy DVD — ie. a production once feasible only to major labels and their acts. But in 2015, quality recordings of a weekend fest played by bands called Shitfucker, Blood Feast, and Satanic Warmaster (and 32 more) can be owned by those of us too cheap/high/preppy to be there — and by those unwilling to get in the way of a Deiphago fist. The march of technology takes another step!

Hells Headbash 2 DVD is expected in 2016. More info here.

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