Behemoth Are Already Making Another Beer


Earlier this year, Polish death metal superstars Behemoth dropped Sacrum, a Belgian IPA that officially ushered them into the beer world; the band was so proud of it they even showed fans how it was made.

Well, Sacrum must have been a big hit, because the band is now releasing Heretyk, an amber ale with 5.5% ABV. It’ll be available soon in Poland from Perun, the brewery that also made Sacrum.

Check out the snazzy promo video below, and keep your eyes out for a picture of Nergal licking a bottle. And let me add that although I normally focus on liquor over beer in my Tumbler of the Beast series, if Behemoth were to, I dunno, send a case of Heretyk to my house, I might make an exception. Just the kind of guy I am, really.

[via The PRP]

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